The decision to have a weave placed into natural hair is only the first step. Other decisions include whether to use synthetic or human hair, which method to utilize for application, and whether or not to use a salon, or purchase hair online and have it applied at home. The style will have to be decided upon as well. Synthetic hair will cost less initially, but will not last as long as human hair. Human hair looks more natural, will be easier to maintain, and will last longer with proper maintenance. It will cost a bit more at first, but the durability makes it the most cost-effective option long-term. Human hair can last for at least one year, and can last for as long as two years in some cases.

Weaves can be sewn in, glued in, or braided into natural hair. Each process is done close to the scalp to be almost invisible. The weave, regardless of which method is chosen, will have to be taken out and re-applied every couple of months as natural hair grows. If not, the weave will fall farther from the scalp and be fully visible. Any method will take hours, and be expensive at a salon. People can purchase human hair in a variety of styles online at discounted pricing, and have weaves applied at home. Weaves come with detailed instructions, tips for application, and maintenance information. A straight brazilian hair weave is recommended for first weaves. That is because the hair is not processed, and will be the easiest style to maintain.

All styles of brazilian hair are of high quality with the cuticle still intact, so any chosen style will be thick, full, and beautiful. Natural, body, and deep waves are available and are only slightly processed to get the wave in place. The maintenance requires a little more time than straight hair but is still easy. After washing, curl defining products will be needed to keep the wave bouncy and full. There are three styles of brazilian curly hair from which to choose. The deep curl is great for shorter styles of ten to fourteen inches. The kinky and β€œAfro” curl styles are natural looking, but also provide a glamorous look. Those will need to be wet down, fingers run through instead of a comb or paddle brush, and curl definers added.

All types of weave will have to be twisted up at night and placed under a satin cap. That will maintain moisture and prevent hair from drying out. Pre-conditioning before washing will also keep hair moist and full. Other types of human hair include Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian. Synthetic hair, wigs, and a variety of hair extensions are also available.